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A Conversation With Dan Ariely About What Shapes our Motivations — Discover

At Longreads, Jessica Gross talks with author and behavioral economist Dan Ariely about understanding how humans behave from the ground up.

via A Conversation With Dan Ariely About What Shapes our Motivations — Discover

#MotivationMonday – Be Happy!

A fresh start

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“We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.”― Charles R. Swindoll

Say what?  Surely, you jest!  Did you get a good look at the quote above?  I did, & I have to admit, I’m sort of having a problem with it.  This is easier said than done. It’s so much simpler to blame someone or something for whatever goes wrong in our lives. Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes someone else IS at fault.  I mean, did I tell that person to drive like a maniac & cut me off back at the stoplight?  Did I ask that person to just cut in front of me at the grocery checkout? The nerve!  And how about the person…

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Its natural for us humans to look for answers and learn them, we are curious creature indeed.

I wish i had known things earlier.

How the world works, humans, nature and my peace within my soul.



What is this world am I living in? Love and Hate.

Light and dark exist both ways.

It is hard to judge what kind of world I am living in, observe till the end and find the answer.

If I say I want to save Earth, impossible. There is no way one tiny human can do it alone, together may be possible, but who knows what will happen.



Hope, is always there,with regards to Fear.

I kept thinking to myself, is there a way this could end? nuclear?bomb maybe?

Does peace even exist? war?

Asking question that has no absolute answer but to understand the message.

What should I believe? government?media? sources?humans?

Truth? and lies?




Ask yourself this:

Do you want to benefit yourself, or benefit the world?


Be in power, or help the powerless?


In my views, Power divides the people into 2 category, the rich and the poor. There is saying of, “The rich get richer, the poor get poorer”. This is where greed and fear comes to play, and I hope in my lifetime I would not fall in that trap, and if I did…which I hope not, by reading, learning and errors.

“Books is always there to guide few people who want to change.”


I am sharing the things I plan to do to make myself a better person, and of course you could learn one thing or another from me if you wish and i hope it benefits in your ways, view, and how you see things differently,vision, perspective.





Answer to life is lifetime process and progress.

Some have it fast, Some have it slow.

It depends how you commit,time, and action.




I am writing, to tell myself AGAIN how I want to commit to life. Some times, your plan can get out of track, there is no doubt telling that human minds can change from time to time, change of plans, unsure of their path. If you do have that straight path, that is GREAT! I envy you people to those who do.

What i am saying is, no matter the ups and down, if you do reach the target at the end…does it matter? There is no definite route for some people, always in search of answers, guidance, and choices. No matter what the choices long as you think it will get you there, than i believe I can do it! you too!




It is always good to have “short term” and “long term” plans/goals

long term:

  • Train to have great mind,happy, embracing life.
  • Learn and learn, do not stop.
  • To invest/own a business.

short term(currently 2016):

  • finishing up university course
  • Connect with more people, social and positive connections
  • Please hustle, get things done.


Cheers beautiful people, I hope you always do have a plan in mind, comment below and let me know what you plan to do (if you want to share it).

Iqra winhastania


Day one,

I believe i want to start again,restart, change.

“In order to change, you start something, do something, react to something.”

Restart, you can forget the past and start a new one, but time goes forward so make it worth.

Contradict is my enemy,love your enemy.

“Learn how not to contradict yourself. I am not saying it is easy either, nor hard.”

Everything is a lesson and learning.

Personally, Life is journey.

“When life gives you is endless of opportunities, did you take it?”

Excuse is part of human nature.

Procrastination,delay and forget.

We are doing it out of fear.

“Learn your fear,one of human nature. fear is emotion,sad,depressed.”

If possible break away from it, breath, refreshed, fight your fear.

I am writing to this day, because of fear that i am not doing anything, busy,work, schedule.

I feel that if i want to change, i must start something, I believe this is step one.

Take a step, fear nor fear, may it gain you value or nothing.

You tried your best, and that is what matters.

To progress and life.

Iqra winhastania