Hey, my full name is: Iqra sakti winhastania, too long right?

So instead, call me Iqra.

I am from Indonesia, not living in Jakarta though, but I live in Sumatra island in a town called Medan. Most of my lifetime is 20% in my own country, why? Because I mostly live in the Middle east country, called Qatar(“Im pretty sure you heard of it, else google it…duh“).


Medan, mostly known for its Lake Toba (pics below):


and below is Qatar:


Why I live there? because my father is working there, so I have been civilized in an Arab country for 16 yrs(counting from 2016), settled there at the year 2000. Oh, I was born in October 1 1995.

interesting right?

If you wonder if I do go back to my country, of course I do once a while during summer holidays for 2 months(yep,that is how long we always get for summer vacation ). So instead, I feel more like a tourist every time i visit my country at start but not anymore since I am old enough to know my place now he he.

This is my first time writing this kind of thing called “blogging” or “documenting“,so I figured I wanted to see my progress so I went “uh huh!” then created this site.

Now of course, this thing was not easy for me for a person who is too lazy to do something, but  I wanted to change my way of life to become more active and dynamic in a way I could get busy all day. When i mean lazy, means i always wondered what to do?” ” should i do it?” “is it worth it?” etc. basically the questions in your head that would hold you back.

So now, as super slow person in progress, RIGHT HERE and NOW, I am trying to make a change in the way i live and anyone who visit my site will be the witness of a change person i am in a healthy, careful, active and mindful person in the future.

that is it for my intro, and i hope ill be writing more soon(of course i should for my mind therapy sake!).

i hope you all  good day, safe and care for your health(because every person should be grateful in my opinion and happy for what they have).

see you soon,