Reflect: write,consistence, discipline

In all honesty, I have never been consistent with my work or progress i do.


In positive terms, i can say “i did not find my passion yet.” Passion is about liking something you do. Simply, if you like and love what you do, you will do more great things that can be reached even though it is beyond your imagination. Passion is step 1. when you find passion, you find everything in life worth living.

In lazy terms, I would say “I am bored , distracted, or just getting lost quick in general “. I am telling you by experience, me as human do get lost most of the time. I can keep on blaming i am not perfect, or keep on envy other people with what they have, but that is not me.

the reality is i am always going to lose my way. i will always, always do. why? i am just a normal human bro, heard the quote “no

“no ones perfect?”

for normal people like me, i would have agreed to that saying, but for perfectionist its not.

everyone definitely has weakness, even the perfect machine, tools, plants or anything really, has a weakness. that is why i have come to believe that “no one is perfect.” everyone has different believe, i respect that, this is just out of my own preference

Not that i am a total pessimist, but knowing the balance on what you can or can not do is important to acknowledge your own ability to cope with the changes of the world.

right now, i am self reflecting why i do like this or do not like that. everyone is different, it is absolutely your own choice to like and dislike. i have known that we have been scammed by the school system since highschool or not, into thinking that grades is important. but honestly that is not true. to be fair, grades is some personal label for people to identify you. if someone has a strong passion for something they like, they should not be really dissapointed if they get bad grades or whatever really, as long they have VISION to back up their passion.

what i am pointing myself :

  • i need to do my dissertation as soon as possible, and be able to organise my life back on track again.
  • i got 4 deadlines up ahead early july.
  • less hanging out.
  • chill when needed, not to kill time
  • using time efficiently on every action it takes, uni focused.
  • time is value.

do what i think is right, and that decides the path i chose to go into, a story i want to appear or happen, journey that i alone experience.








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just a guy blogging his life(document). To share some of my values if they mean something to the reader. To understand that life is something to be appreciated and enjoy it to the max, it can be short, so make it worth the shots(action) you do! Born Indonesian | Raised in Qatar | studied in London Cheers!

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