Hey guys, how are you all doing?

I am in a bit of roller coaster situation haha.

It was pretty exciting coming to LONDON,UK ! so far i liked the place !

But then, I struggle one thing, making friends, like authentic people. I met some people at my flat, became flat mate and they showed me around for the first few weeks most of the time, but i after i did something wrong, I think I kinda felt left out, but nothing to be hurt really, I am old and the people i am with were younger than me so they had the energy to have MOOORE fun haha *party!*.

Anyways, interesting first few weeks, I came to LONDON day one, arrive at my university hall. First thing first i knock my nearest neighbor, i was sooo awkward that i asked her to help me out with the wi-fi connection. i can expect the worst but i kept it cool and my response were:

“okay, no problem” haha.

Anyways, I was sorting out my stuff and i heard a knock on my door…

and I am thinking “who might that be??”

I was actually surprised, so i opened the door then she greeted me her warm welcome, I never felt happier than before, because i never lived in a flat or have someone approach me?(creepy? yeah i know wateva haha its only awkward if i made it awkward but it has that welcomed feeling so i liked it).

Anyways, most people had UNI days still going and then there is me who just moved in. I got stuck with some wi-fi I don’t know how to connect to one(like f*** me..I am an IT student anyway and doesn’t know how  to figure out haha). I was looking for options…so i went to the last door…

*knock knock*

//pewdiepie// appeared haha, my first impression I get from meeting this guy! like for real. He helped me around with most of the things, so i could guess were good mates(friends in english culture). From there, I just kept on seeing new people around 5 or 9 people for my first day!!! never made this much people in a day so i felt so GOOD!

Funny thing, one of the people i met suggested we should go to a karate class, very random really haha. We actually went, because it’s not like we had anything to do either and if everyone wants to do it..why not? haha. the activities is followed by poker night(i know nothing tbh , just watched the entire game, interesting…)

the night ended quicker when I had fun. oh boy.

I was still weird at start, but as days go by and when i know these people, i felt a little comfortable.

“it’s not about how many people you know, it’s about how deep you know them to actually feel connected and engaged.”

Days go by, my first week was a bit hyped with birthday party, then party..then party again. some times its followed by mini game of poker nights too, cuz its fun cracking people face when they bet with bullshit cards on their hands haha.

HOLD UP reader, don’t you DARE say all I have been doing is PARTYING..haha.

Of course I went to  university to study my course, i got transferred here for a reason!

I am studying at Middlesex university, I am doing my third year now on Business IT (short version of information technology and business information system degree…too yeah? that’s why I kept it short)

I met my classmates, it’s a small group really, since i came upfront from an institution partnership with Middlesex university and others had it differently, some did their HND(higher national diploma), some did college and wished to do 3rd year for a particular course…it varies depending on their target 🙂

Stressing out on the courses I am doing currently, it consist of COURSEWORK!!! it’s not that I hate it, i liked the subject. It’s very interesting to me, yet coming to a point i have to do lots of reading and research and actually doing real RESEARCH by approaching people and asking what is their problem with technology and all of that sort of stuff really.

At the same time, I believe i could handle it, I am struggling with my ups and down(roller coaster as i mention at start). I am new to the culture, heck i even got cultured shock at the store when i accidentally cut the line and the women yelled at me:

“excuse me, its my turn!!”

Then there is me thinking:

“wtf..the cashier was open and free..why the f*** didn’t you move(im such an opportunist)?”

oh lawrdd hahaha, I mean i did some background check on what i am supposed to be aware of the culture before hand, i just didn’t expect to happen to me.

in conclusion , my target NOW:

  1. Having a balance life between study and social life.
  2. I need to read more related books for my course to be easier.
  3. I literally NEED to start READING & notes anyways haha.
  4. I need to take it seriously, it’s a one shot game in my life.
  5. I took the opportunity to get into a university, and now its up to me how am i going to play my life.
  6. I will regret if f*** around too much and not getting a degree at the end, REGRETS on parents is the worse feeling ever.
  7. I am training and learning slowly on my confidence, will power, social talks and having positive minds at all times.

Those are my main goals in my head(like right NOW..) always think in the present moment. Overthinking will just overthink stuff..not good. Do not even assume, because you cannot predict the future, so think NOW then see what is going to happen and that would be the result of it.

This is as far as i could tell with whats going on with me now. I will try to blog few times a month depending on my schedule. I got sick recently, had to rest anyway.

Have a good day beautiful people! never stop learning!


Iqra winhastania





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just a guy blogging his life(document). To share some of my values if they mean something to the reader. To understand that life is something to be appreciated and enjoy it to the max, it can be short, so make it worth the shots(action) you do! Born Indonesian | Raised in Qatar | studied in London Cheers!

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