Day one,

I believe i want to start again,restart, change.

“In order to change, you start something, do something, react to something.”

Restart, you can forget the past and start a new one, but time goes forward so make it worth.

Contradict is my enemy,love your enemy.

“Learn how not to contradict yourself. I am not saying it is easy either, nor hard.”

Everything is a lesson and learning.

Personally, Life is journey.

“When life gives you is endless of opportunities, did you take it?”

Excuse is part of human nature.

Procrastination,delay and forget.

We are doing it out of fear.

“Learn your fear,one of human nature. fear is emotion,sad,depressed.”

If possible break away from it, breath, refreshed, fight your fear.

I am writing to this day, because of fear that i am not doing anything, busy,work, schedule.

I feel that if i want to change, i must start something, I believe this is step one.

Take a step, fear nor fear, may it gain you value or nothing.

You tried your best, and that is what matters.

To progress and life.

Iqra winhastania



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just a guy blogging his life(document). To share some of my values if they mean something to the reader. To understand that life is something to be appreciated and enjoy it to the max, it can be short, so make it worth the shots(action) you do! Born Indonesian | Raised in Qatar | studied in London Cheers!

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