WPC: Island Quest

Quest , is a powerful word with regards to life.

One of Jakarta port
Boat Ride

At the end of the day, you will love the results on what you work on:


Pulau Perak(Silver Island)

It is not so bad to live like an outcast on an island once in your life, because you would  definitely learn how to survive like a natural human being.

Life on island can be fun and boring to some people, just depends on how they see life, and of course with the current technology it may not be their option to go for. I took the path because I really needed some adventure in my life, I have lived both life and I think it is always nice to take a break from the technology the society provide for a while.

enjoy nature, be with nature.



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just a guy blogging his life(document). To share some of my values if they mean something to the reader. To understand that life is something to be appreciated and enjoy it to the max, it can be short, so make it worth the shots(action) you do! Born Indonesian | Raised in Qatar | studied in London Cheers!

3 thoughts on “WPC: Island Quest”

  1. I agree! Its very important to take these technological breaks sometime. I’m amateur traveller and if you have any advices for me for my second solo travel, let me know? 🙂 Who did you go to this beach with?

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    1. Hey Anon, thanks for stopping by!
      by the way, I made these plan with a couple of my childhood friends that wanted to go out and travel somewhere(else who would take the photo haha), it was kind of a new experience and so i was always up for a non comfort place i wish to explore anyways, Be REAL with yourself! because sometimes you might end up negatively thinking…ughh why did i come here etc.

      So yeah. An interest in travelling is the key to enjoy your journey

      i am not a pro myself at travelling, but if you do like one, anything you do counts as adventure anyways.


      p.s its an island!!


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