Hustling Unfinished Business

 Unfinished Hustle to me means major problem.
so fix it.

In life we tend to have lots of things we want to do but some times lack the work. I hate it when I do leave things unfinished and I am certain will 100% regret it at the end of the day, and regrets can stay with your life forever(annoying..)

Back in the days, I would love to go there and there…but i never finish it.

“Some people change buses to go see  different things half way, but they will never reach to their end of their journey. Stop going back to the station. “

“If you want to reach at the end of your journey, stay in one bus, you just mastered that journey.”

Now hold up, I hope you dont try to think smart such as “uhh if I stopped in the middle..then ill just hitchhiking..” please read it till the end and i hope you understand my point.

The moral of the story here is, if you keep changing things like how you keep changing your mind half way through the journey, you will never reach its end, the result. Some times it is better to stick to one bus and let the process finish so you can master the journey it takes you ,either expects good or greater results from doing so(they are called experience for a reason)

I saw this quote from somewhere(i dont quite remember who says it) and I state it here for future reference and readers.

How is this quote relates to unfinished story?

The Scenario is if you relate this as a traveler and you wanted to explore the place, and you do not know anything about the place, you travel spontaneously arrived in somewhere that maybe English speaking was not an option to get help from, even if you tried signals.

In the station you would expect buses to be going to different destination. You choose one of the bus ride that takes you somewhere, at some point you don’t like the views or the route it takes at some period of time, at this point you might think its time for a change, you think you had enough of the it, so you prefer to go back to the station and get another bus.

You might keep on going like this on and on and never be satisfied with the journey, but will you ever reach the bus final destination? nope. Is there a point of getting shortcuts in here? no.

If one minds was to think that staying in one bus and reach the end of its journey, I am pretty sure the travel will be worthed and experienced . The point is, what if at the end of the journey is a wonderful place you did not know of? you will regret eventually.

The point here is whatever bus you pick, stay on its journey to its end,  you will learn that a journey has its START and END. Same like the skill sets that human was provided , it all depends on which they want to choose . From there, you may learn skills that you can master.

To put it in the system, it is possible to learn any skills, but you need to learn to master a skill that will take its time and is preferred to be learnt one by one(dont you agree?), because in general there is now way you can learn all of them. That one skill will guide you for your needs in the future, the rest is up to you to learn anything you want.

Personally, this quotes tells me about discipline and knowing what you want,what ever you choose you have to enjoy its journey fully till the end to get what you needed as per goals.

Hustle is an important word, that is what Gary Vaynerchuk would say, well it is definitely is an important word to me. I have been struggling in life because I lacked the hustle in me(i wish i could have known it sooner), which is why I have unfinished work and do plan to get back up .

What I want you guys to get from my message here, whatever you started,work till the end(results),enjoy the process to work your way through it,you might as well be satisfied with the results you made soon. Do not give up, have patience! Because if you think the road you choose is not easy, then it is not going to be easy, the moment you stopped in the middle or the process or try to think “i cant do it” or “i am not up for it” than  you just let it become unfinished business. You need to pull yourself together!

“It is never too early to hustle, keep hustling.”

Iqra Winhastania



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just a guy blogging his life(document). To share some of my values if they mean something to the reader. To understand that life is something to be appreciated and enjoy it to the max, it can be short, so make it worth the shots(action) you do! Born Indonesian | Raised in Qatar | studied in London Cheers!

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