Personality: silence

There was always a time where you got to be silence. It can be anything ranging from that situation to something situation(lol?).


my examples:

  • silence when you know some truth
  • silence when someone passed away( of course being sad, does not mean you have to cry, some people out there have deep emotion inside they tend to keep it in )
  • silence when your angry at someone(ooh the silent treatment hurts you know…*ignored*)
  • silence when you want to listen to someone speaking(speeches)

and many more really etc. I could go all the way on how we use silence in daily life


I have so many silence situation, and im pretty sure they may sound embarrassing to share but i would just say it this time, as a way to express my thoughts to the world, free of mind and clarity.(i just don’t like to keep things in my head..)

In the early days, I was such a shy kid that i don’t even want to engage in social activities, i try to talk but i always thought things might go wrong after what i say, that is when my silence to the mind.

Even when I made a problem, i was so scared and i stayed silence for the rest of the day not to talk about what i did. In the end when someone found out , I thought there was no point in keeping silence.

oh I don’t mean silence is all bad, i am pretty sure everyone agrees with that

There are times when silence is required, such as keeping secrets .I am pretty sure you do not want your secrets to be exposed then boom everyone knows what you do..(i will be at room regretting all day if i had a friend that does it, and probably cut him off from my trust circles).

Moreover, understand you might talked too much that you thinks you should stay silence for a moment and let my partner/friends chance to talk. In dating game you need to be talkative(of course you need too) to approach, because there is no excitement if you just stay silence. i do not think there is any person who likes to stay silence all the time because i am pretty sure we all do need to say something to someone.

you know what they say:

“some people talk big and work less, quite people build success over time”

I heard it somewhere but i am not sure of the right words(forgive me people >.<)


I actually agree with that quote, i tend to stay quite and silence all the time because i feel i am working on something that i should not talk until i get there(just the type of person i am tbh).

the right concept of silence in this quote in business term, is that you need to keep it low profile because in the end you do not want to talk about this project or BIG business plan to anyone which in the end if it does not work out and probably expect some boos in the way or punching words from the crowd.


Overall, silence is great in how people use it. it is socially accepted to anyone who wants to asocial for personal or cultural reason, you can also keep silent if you did something wrong but in the end it someone can find out (the quote saying “you can either face it or run away from it”). Some times you may get carried away and talk bullshit, which is why by past experience some people prefer silence. its up to you how you want to use silent, it can be good and a bad thing, it’s all up to the choice we take.

cya boys and girls, iqra

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just a guy blogging his life(document). To share some of my values if they mean something to the reader. To understand that life is something to be appreciated and enjoy it to the max, it can be short, so make it worth the shots(action) you do! Born Indonesian | Raised in Qatar | studied in London Cheers!

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