Hey, my full name is: Iqra sakti winhastania, too long right?

So instead, call me Iqra.

I am from Indonesia, not living in Jakarta though, but I live in Sumatra island in a town called Medan. Most of my lifetime is 20% in my own country, why? Because I mostly live in the Middle east country, called Qatar(“Im pretty sure you heard of it, else google it…duh“).


Medan, mostly known for its Lake Toba (pics below):


and below is Qatar:


Why I live there? because my father is working there, so I have been civilized in an Arab country for 16 yrs(counting from 2016), settled there at the year 2000. Oh, I was born in October 1 1995.

interesting right?

If you wonder if I do go back to my country, of course I do once a while during summer holidays for 2 months(yep,that is how long we always get for summer vacation ). So instead, I feel more like a tourist every time i visit my country at start but not anymore since I am old enough to know my place now he he.

This is my first time writing this kind of thing called “blogging” or “documenting“,so I figured I wanted to see my progress so I went “uh huh!” then created this site.

Now of course, this thing was not easy for me for a person who is too lazy to do something, but  I wanted to change my way of life to become more active and dynamic in a way I could get busy all day. When i mean lazy, means i always wondered what to do?” ” should i do it?” “is it worth it?” etc. basically the questions in your head that would hold you back.

So now, as super slow person in progress, RIGHT HERE and NOW, I am trying to make a change in the way i live and anyone who visit my site will be the witness of a change person i am in a healthy, careful, active and mindful person in the future.

that is it for my intro, and i hope ill be writing more soon(of course i should for my mind therapy sake!).

i hope you all  good day, safe and care for your health(because every person should be grateful in my opinion and happy for what they have).

see you soon,




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just a guy blogging his life(document). To share some of my values if they mean something to the reader. To understand that life is something to be appreciated and enjoy it to the max, it can be short, so make it worth the shots(action) you do! Born Indonesian | Raised in Qatar | studied in London Cheers!

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